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  1. Hi Jason! I’m visiting everyone’s portfolios and to provide feedback on how things are going so far. Here are some suggestions for your site based on what I’ve been able to see:

    – Your theme looks good and I’ve seen many portfolios work well using the basic theme that we started off with in class.

    – Your navigation structure is looking a little light. You might want to think about the overarching areas of your site that you want to present to your users (e.g. About Me, Qualifications, Resources, etc.) — your goal this week is to set up your navigation structure and begin to populate these pages out with content that is meaningful to you.

    – Your page opens up to your blog posts, which is totally fine. However, if you don’t plan on using this site as a blog you can set it up so that one of your pages shows when the page loads. You can do this under Settings -> Reading.

    – I will be having extended office hours this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday if you’d like to meet to go over this in greater detail.

    I hope that this helps! See you soon,


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